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Michelle Dilhara

Michelle Dilhara is a Sri Lankan teledrama actress and Karate Gold Medalist, who won the Gold Medal in 2010 at the 2nd International Gojuryu Karate Open Championship, conducted by the International Gojuryu Karate Association ( IGKA ), in the female 7th kyu ( Green Belt ) kumite event..

Social Invisibility

Social Invisibility is not a fiction it exists - Michelle dilhara

Social invisibility defines about a group of people in the society who had been separated and systematically ignored by the mass society. As a result of this , they feel neglected or being invisible in the society.Social Invisibility is not a fiction it exists says Michelle dilhara...She started her career in "Sal Sapuna"

Latest Teledrama Appearances

Emy - Sirasa Tv

"Emy" is a popular children's teledrama series,in which Michelle plays the role of "Emy", and is directed by Sanjaya Nirmal, produced by plus productions."Emy" is created with a concept of bringing the children's mind to a new dimension of building communication with the society and getting results in the real world.



Salsapuna - Sirasa Tv

"Sal sapuna"


Latest News

16 May 2017 Guest appearance in the program "Angara Ingara" in Sirasa TV.
3 june 2017Guest appearance at Ridma Rathriya, TNL
28 March 2017Guest appearance at Lanka Soy Game Show, Derana